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UK Content Creators To Follow In 2021

If you’re looking for some inspiration or new perspectives on your feed in 2021, here are some of my favourite UK content creators to follow on Instagram.

Will add to this list throughout the year ✌🏼


Laura and Aaron post stunning content around the UK that makes you want to jump in a van and escape to the nearest forest.

But what I love most about them is that they don’t just show the good.

They share the problems with van life, their own personal struggles and the way they speak about their vulnerabilities is truly beautiful.

They also post easy to make vegan recipes which is a bonus for a lazy cook like me too!


Why don’t vegans eat honey? Why don’t vegans eat backyard eggs?

If you have a question about veganism, most likely, Earthling Ed has already answered it.

Ed explains some of the most popular questions about veganism in an informative and easy to understand way.

Check out his '30 days, 30 excuses’ playlist on YouTube.


Me and James met for the first time in Venice, California which is a long way from the Midlands where we’re both from (and a lot less sunny!).

But James embraces the lush, and often rainy, greenery of the UK and makes it look magnificent.

His feed makes me miss home a lot and makes me excited to explore more of the UK.


Mikaela speaks a lot on ‘unlearning’, anti-racism and climate justice.

To help create a better planet moving forward, it seems not only important, but absolutely necessary to normalise changing our opinions when presented with new information.

As Mikaela says:  "We will continually encounter new information that challenges the worldview we have been given, and we must be willing to be challenged, to educate ourselves and change these opinions when we have been wrong. Holding so tightly to our egos only inhibits the never-ending pursuit of justice. We will be wrong. We will change."


It’s been a bloody heavy year and some comic relief is much needed.

When you can eventually spell his name right, Schieffer/Scheffer/Scheiffer is the man to give you some laughs in the form of some phenomenal impressions of the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Exotic.

Genuinely the best impressions I’ve ever heard come out of this handsome Welshman’s mouth. Oh and his dog is super cute also.


Munroe is a model and activist who dedicates their time to pushing forward and educating others on race and identity.

She fights for better diversity in the modeling industry, developing anti-racist schools, and inclusivity for all, no matter your race, ability, religious beliefs, sexuality or gender identity.

She was also recently named as one of 100 Great Black Britons.


It’s impossible not to smile when seeing the joyful Craig and Aimee travel the UK in a converted bus named Custard!

Kinging-It showcase some must-visit destinations in the UK, they’re stylish af and have some of the loveliest accents to listen to!


Not only is Lowkey an incredible rapper (Watch his recent Daily Duppy on GRM Daily), but he’s also an activist that brings awareness to things going on in the world that need far more attention.

He shines a much needed perspective on British news, history and politics and helps amplify the voices of those that need to be heard.


I think we’ve all got a bit better at cooking during this crazy year, so if you want some inspiration of how to use those newly acquired cooking skills, check out SoVegan.

Roxy and Ben have a variety of amazing recipes to satisfying any food craving you have.

Highly recommend their sweet potato brownies!