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Things To Do In Sagres, Portugal

For me, Sagres is a great escape in the colder months. I've been twice and both times around October time. The tourists, for the most part, have gone home and you still get a lot better weather than you do in the UK. Plus, if you're here to surf there's a lot more room on the beaches. Here are a bunch of things I did on my last trip down there that I'd recommend.

Surf At Some Of Europe's Best Beaches

The reason I went to Sagres in the first place was to learn how to surf with the help of my friends at CoWorkSurf, and there's such a big surf community here, if you're a beginner or a pro, they'll be a community and waves available for you! You can check magicseaweed for the surf conditions at each beach and if you need a surfboard, go grab one at the Algarve Surf Shop.

Take A Day Trip To Lagos

During my day in Lagos, firstly I grabbed a coffee and açai bowl at Coffee & Waves, then I headed to the Mercado de Escravos which is widely believed to have been the first slave market in Europe. Following this I went to Ponta da Piedade which has some of the most stunning coastlines in the Algarve where you'll see sea pillars, fragile rock arches and hidden grottos.

Go Visit The End Of The World

Before the 15th Century, Europeans thought this was the end of the world. (Though I cannot confirm as I wasn't there). It feels so peaceful here, especially as you watch the waves crash whilst the sun sets on this jagged coastline. This spot is the Castelejo Viewpoint. I stayed in the nearby Vila do Bispo and did an evening jog here a couple of evenings.

Hangout At The Hangout

An awesome spot to grab a pastel de nata or a pizza after a day of surfing. Super friendly staff and a beachfront view.

Grab A Healthy Breakfast At Izzy’s Market

This place is so darn cute and Izzy is such a gem. Loads of vegetarian and healthy options at this breakfast and lunch spot in Vila do Bispo. Very reasonable prices too.

Eat Out At Pisco

Some say Pisco has the best vegan food you can taste in the Algarve, amongst other praise on their TripAdvisor page. Whilst I don't if it is, it's certainly a great place with a really nice aesthetic, atmosphere and delightful staff. My only regret is not trying the pizza is it looked phenomenal.

Do Morning Yoga On The Laundry Lounge Rooftop

So not only does The Laundry Lounge do awesome coffee, breakfast and is somewhere you can actually do your laundry if needs be, it has daily yoga on the rooftop at 9am. If you're here for surfing, it's a great way to get your body ready to tackle the waves.

Go Coasteering Round The Stunning Coastline

If anyone is unfamiliar with Coasteering (which I kinda was until I did it), it's ​a combination of swimming, cliff jumping and rock climbing. I went out with a proper nice dude called Nick who's part of Poseidon Coasteering which is also one of the highest rated things to do here according to TripAdvisor! The adventure usually lasts around 3 hours during which you get to swim in the crystal clear water of the Algarve coast, jump from extraordinary heights and explore hidden caves.

Here's the Airbnb I stayed at which I would defo recommend. Lidl is literally across the road and you have good access to Sagres, Lagos and Izzy's Market is also right behind it.

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